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Okay, i've got a few tips for you.
Do you remember when you do the social links, sometimes you will see a number of yellow musical notes above the person's head? The more of those you see, the better. They represent the points that count towards a rank up.
And in order to get those points, follow these two simple rules:
-ALWAYS bring a persona of the same arcarna to the social link.
-When they ask you a question, always give the answer that you think they would prefer to hear/ would be best for them.
If you follow these rules, you will get more points each time, and there will be less in-between bit.
Also, be sure to make lunch whenever Nanako has been shopping, make it properly, then eat it with someone the next day.
It's almost impossible to max out all social links on one play through, anyway. You need at least two, if not three.

Also, a little help some of those you say you're giving up on:
-Hermit: (I was stuck on this one for a while,too.) Select on the map to go to the Dojima Residence. Outside your house (on dry days) you will see a cat. Speak with it, then go talk to the requester on the floodplane. Select to bring him to the cat you saw. The next day, talk to the man again, and give him a Red Goldfish. The day after that, talk to him, and the quest will be complete.

-Empress: (This is actaully by far the easiest one, as it takes no in-game time to complete). To get a Matador with Mahama, simply fuse Mithra and Berith. Just keep re-selecting them until Mahama is one of the inherited skills.

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