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Principles and Practices of Management

PART - AQ1. “Management is a combination of Arts, Science &Profession” Explain fully.Ans

. Before writing a write up on “Management is a combination of Arts, Science & Profession” I would like to write something about themanagement.


Management is to create a team which accomplishes pre-determinedgoals with more efficiently in a prescribed time period asplanned/decided.Management actually is planning, organizing, directing, controlling &coordinating supported by leadership, communication, motivation andmorale.Now I would like to start Management as Art and afterwards I will writeabout management as science and profession in detail.

Management as an Art

1. It requires conceptual, technical, human relationship & decision-making skills.


Conceptual Skills : Ability to see the “big picture” to recognizesignificant elements & to understand relationship among theelements.


 Technical Skills : Is knowledge of & proficiency in activitiesinvolving methods, procedures & pressures e.g., Mechanicworks with tools & Superior show knows how to use thesetools to teach them.


Human Relations : is ability to work with people; it is acooperative effort; teamwork; create an environment wherepeople feel secure & free to express their opinions.


Decision : Ability to solve problems in ways that will benefitthe enterprise.2. It requires knowledge: Learning & acquiring knowledge fromvarious subjects such as Marketing, Finance, Production, etc.

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Scdl solved assignments and question papers of management accounting PGDBA program of symbiosis distance learning. After 3 month I collect subjective type question which carry 5 marks (out of 3 you have to do 2) 10 marks for 2 subjective type question. Below are question with name of student of symbiosis distance learning.

Thanks to Tehseen sheikh

1) Controllable and uncontrollable cost

2) Study of hasley and rown system

3) Process of establishing the standard

Thanks to abdul qaiyum

1) Fixed cost and variable cost

2) Management accounting

3) Inventory control

Thanks to Dharmendra tiwari

1) Controllable and uncontrollable cost

2) ABC analysis

3) Perpetual inventory system

Thanks to sandeep jindal

1) First in first out

2) Simple average method

3) Time keeping

Thanks to vinod thakkar

1) Time rate system

2) Labour turnover

3) Book keeping

Thanks to imran khan

1) Overhead cost

2) ABC analysis

3) Inventory control

Thanks to Satish

1) Cost accounting

2) Analysis of variance

3) Direct labour cost

Thanks to Meena choudry

1) types of standard

2) Balance sheet method

3) Purchase budget

Thanks to sameer metha

1) Standard costing

2) Personnel budgets

3) Breakeven point

Thanks to Noheed sheikh

1) Type of budget

2) Overhead cost

3) Book keeping

Thanks to Farida khan

1) Marginal cost

2) Cost control

3) Variable cost

Thanks to Ismail hussain

1) Control overhead

2) Time keeping

3) Book keeping

Thanks to Monica

1) CO-partnership

2) Gantt sytem

3) Time rate system

Thanks to byju nair

1) Accounting

2) Bill of material


Thanks to ahmed Khan

1) Simple average method


3) Minimum level

Thanks to Irfan sheikh

1) Inventory control


3) BIN card

Thanks to vinay maskara

1) Store ledger

2) Purchase order

3) Overheads

Thanks to Vibha

1) Material

2) Drawings

3) Trail balance

So, this is big list of scdl solved papers of management accounting and hope you will read about all subjective type questions and pass exam. Thanks to all students to sent question and anyone who want to support other student of symbiosis distance learning then you too can sent question at


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