What Is An Educated Filipino By Francisco Benitez Essay Analysis

What is an Educated Filipino?

An excerpt on Francisco Benitez's "What is an Educated Filipino"

Education is a term which is more easily understood than defined. It is a process of self-expression, thus an individual expresses himself through education. These innate powers and potentialities are developed and drawn out through education. It is a means of adjustment of an individual with the society. It is a process by which he is brought into proper relationship with the ideas and meals, customs and traditions of the society.

In simpler context, Education is acquired through the experiences, ways and means, a process of life accounts that an individual go through in his lifetime.

One's acquired education is entirely different than that of the other. The premise that I would like to stress here is that, Education differs from every individual's life. The education that the bourgeoisie or the social upper class learns differentiates those of the proletariat or the working class. Hence, education varies from one social status to another, and whatever learning they acquired is still considered "education".

So what is an Educated Filipino? Does earning an Ateneo or UP diploma will make a more educated Filipino than that of a local State University's or a High School diploma for that matter; or the disadvantaged Filipinos who have had no chance in attending schools? Does a bourgeoisies education is much better that that of a proletariat's?

First, an educated Filipino is a good son or daughter to their parents or good parents to their children. Despite the situation, a good son or daughter or good parents upholds the family's integrity and will always plan for what's best for the family. A good son or daughter or good parents always take pride on being a member of the family and will always look out for the best interest of the clan.

Secondly, an educated Filipino will have a heart for humanity - sympathy for fellowmen, a Filipino that will look out for the welfare not only to the sick, but also to the displaced and disadvantage; a Filipino who will take time in participating in charity works, community outreached and volunteer for community services.

Thirdly, an educated Filipino has a keen sense of nationalism, a Filipino who takes pride of being a Filipino and will always fight for the welfare of the nation. A Filipino that will take responsibility and accountability of the nation's resources and will take good care of it, rather stewards of God's creations.

These three nuggets of reasons don't take a genius for it to deliver and make it happen. An educated Filipino does not need to have a big house, a car or diploma from prestigious Universities or schools, but being able to respect and will take sense of


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