Recycling Definition Essay On Happiness

Together with the purpose of life, happiness has always been one of the central questions of philosophy, always remaining the object of definition and never being actually defined. Knowing of this, I do not suppose that my own idea of happiness has something new and original about it; on the contrary, I am quite sure that millions of people before me had expressed the similar thought; but it is still my idea.

In my opinion, happiness is the state of turning one’s dreams and wishes into reality; and not even the state, but process, because human is so constructed as not to be able to stop at what has been accomplished. One man shouldn’t have one dream; moreover, he shouldn’t have dreams at all. A real man should have goals, purposes, the ones that he is able to achieve or makes himself able to achieve and, after doing so, chooses another purpose and goes on turning it into reality.

One cannot be happy and idle. Even if somebody really thinks that one can be happy without doing any kind of objective work, it is self-delusion – if you ever get into a situation when you don’t have to do anything, even if the circumstances are pleasant, you will very soon understand what a real hell is. In order to be happy, a man must work – but not work in the sense of attending some firm and doing the same thing every day – in the sense of doing something that has clear periods, points of achievement, results, improvements and so on.

Happiness is always based on…

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