Outline For Research Paper On Cyber Bullying

ESL 408 SAMPLE RESEARCH PAPER OUTLINE An example of a possible outline could look something like this: I. Introduction A. Hook – share several examples from my articles on traditional bullying 1.Use Farber para 2 on beating up a kid with classes 2.Use Negato para 10 on kid from Japan being picked on for his accent B. Background on bullying in general including definition, leading to focus on cyber bullying for research paper. C. Thesis statement: While the tradition of bullying has a long history, cyberbullying and its effects are relatively new and the solutions and ways for teachers and parents to handle it are difficult to find. Some solutions, such as changing the laws to reflect the technology and teaching kids how to ignore and block the bullies, will be explored for feasibility. II. Define Cyber Bullying A. Denigration -- the first major kind of cyberbullying is denigration, which is about humiliating the victim by making them look and feel bad. 1.

Finding Free Samples Of Research Papers On Cyber Bullying

Using samples of research papers is one way that you can get help writing your research paper.  The best way to find the best research papers samples is to look for ones that are on the subject that you are doing the paper on, like cyber bullying.  With the evolution of the Internet, more kids are online using social media, watch videos, or interacting with others in other forms, like cell phones.

Doing a research paper on this topic can be eye opening to you and the reader of your paper.  Cyber bullying is a major bullying issue that we have just started to address and research done on the topic is new, so you can find a different way to look at the issue.  I will give you some sites that have research samples and specialize in research on cyber bullying.

Where To Find Samples Of Research Papers On Cyber Bullying

  • College And University Websites:  When you do your initial search for research papers on cyber bullying, it will bring up school sites that have PDFs of papers on the subject.  They might theses or dissertations, but you should give them a look; they are well researched, and you might learn more for your paper by reading them.
  • Scribd:  Most people see this site as a site that lets you read unlimited books a month for nine dollars but they do also have a huge collection of research papers, include quite a few on bullying and cyber bullying that you can read.
  • Cyber Smile:  Originally designed as a prevention site, this site has research papers on it about cyber bullying that you can use as samples for your research paper.
  • Cyber Bullying Research Center:  This site doesn’t have examples of research papers on it, but it can give you all the information that you would need on cyber bullying.  They have research, links for books and journals, videos from presentations, podcast, and so much more.  You could easily use this site for most of your research on the topic of cyber bullying.

The Internet has mad bullying easier for some kids because the Internet allows them to be mean to someone without even looking at their face.  Cyber bullying has many kids scared to look at their phone or computer when they receive a message.  Do a research paper on this subject will, hopefully, show others the dangers that are associated with cyber bullying.


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