The Postman Essay Writing

The Postman

I’m surprised to see the postman’s face at last. The wrinkles parenthesizing his lips and eyes are soft, instead of creased with fury as I had imagined. I expected an ogre, a baba yaga, because of the way his shadow always dropped my packages on the ground and kicked them – banging on the door violently before vanishing like a ghost. I stood by the window determined to “shoo” him. But now that I’ve caught him I realize that he is just a man. Mild. Meek. Holding my name on his tongue while the arm in his bag reaches for another.

Elisa Jay recently moved to LA from Chicago, where she was a full-time caregiver for her father. She received a degree in English Literature from UIC, and the move to the mountains and ocean has revived her great love of words. She now writes while drinking copious amounts of tea. Follow her explorations on Instagram @e_letters, and read more of her reflections on

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The post man is an important member of the society. He can be seen in the morning and noon during rounds in his area disturbing letters. The letters can be ordinary registered. Parcels and money orders are disturbed by them. During Mughal period, the Dak was disturbed on horseback. Britishers founded the system of modern postal department.

Normally, they wear Khaki uniforms. At times they are in ordinary clothes also. In winter they put on woolens of specific type or simply woolen clothes.

The postman is attached to a post office. He reaches the post office in the morning and selects the dark of the regions. All these are then placed in order of streets, lanes and house numbers.

Consequently, the postman leaves his post office and goes round with letters, money orders, parcels, registered articles etc. For registered articles they obtain signature from the recipient. Money orders are also disturbed after having the due receipt.

The job of a postman is hard. He has to perform his duties in all seasons. They have very little leisure. He has to be very careful towards his duties. Late or wrong delivery of postal articles may cause havoc. So he is very conscious about his duties.

Normally the postman walks on foot or takes the assistance of his cycle to distribute ‘dak’ in time. Most of the families are known by the postman. He mostly sought for dark delivery.

Inspite of his hard and honest work the postman receives a poor salary. His status, too, is not high. The post man must be treated with honour.


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