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Military, technology, commerce & E-Commerce, engineering, law, art, education, healthcare... This is not the full list of possible fields where successful graduates can work. Many young people wonder how in the world they can make such a responsible decision. No one wants a career he or she would hate. Some students are forced to work as the waiters in cheap cafes instead of being managers of large restaurant networks. But what makes them different from their peers? We believe that there are no stupid students. It’s just that often people have to make choices under pressure, and it results in very bad consequences.

This text is going to explain the basic factors one should consider while choosing a future career. And yes, be ready to make this decision during your high school period and BEFORE the college. Otherwise, you may feel sorry and hate your work for the rest of your life!

Factors That Impact Student’s Career Choice

Perhaps, the two most powerful factors that may influence student’s career choice are culture and family. Most of the students are forced to choose the specific major and work by their own parents. But their families do not have any idea how harmful this pressure can be for further career development.

Family’s Influences towards Career Choice

In other words, the relation between family’s interdependence, school, and community culture are the main social factors. Family members who work hard all day and night serve as the social role models for their children. Since their early ages, many kids tend to believe that only hard physical work can provide any family with the needed resources. However, a child growing in a poor or labor class family can become a rather rich person. Often, child’s own parents can be the main obstacle to making the dreams come true. Many parents think that their children cannot reach heights because they could not do it before.

By the way, if you have a strong conflict with your family regarding your future work, describe in your personal statement or let the professional writing service do it for you. Such stories usually work.

Social & Economic Reasons

Of course, social, political, and economic factors influence your career decisions. While business law plays a role in all developed countries, this major won’t make much sense in the countries of the third world where first aid from healthcare specialists is valued higher. You should gain the skills with respect to the needs of your country. Every student has tried to connect his or her work with the social and economic situation in the native country. If you are great in marketing and writing, think how your career may promote your country. It will help to raise new charity funds and save human lives. Right, career is not only about making money. It’s about helping people too.

Except for this wisdom, people have to consider such factors as:

  • transition to the workplace in various time frames
  • different expectations for career opportunities and their availability

College is a great way to test out what you want to do. It is the best period of life not only to decide where you want to work, but to put on the mask of this professional thanks to the numerous internships, part-time/seasonal jobs, and other available opportunities. The most important mission is to graduate. And don’t bind yourself to adult career expectations!

"Ideal Job"

It’s a myth. Sooner or later, you’ll have to sacrifice at least one of your principles at work. Even if you’re an expert in some area, the labor market still has its terms and conditions which you have to accept or deny just like you do when subscribing to any online shop and community.

Before making the final choice, one has to evaluate such work factors as:

  • Wages (unfortunately, financial issues remain at the top for ages)
  • Career opportunities (growth and self-development
  • Skills required (even if you lack just one crucial skill, it may turn a serious obstacle)
  • Family agreement (try to convince them in the importance of your work)
  • Education (are there any trainings involved?)
  • Social benefits

When making such responsible decisions as a career choice, one has to realize his role in society. What can you give to your community? What can you offer? The next step is preparing an impressive admissions essay, which can always be written by the professional online writers for cheap.

We wish you good luck with your career choice and further development!

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I didn’t really choose accounting to begin with. When I was in high school I wanted to be a vet, but as time went on, I discovered that I have the right skills to be an accountant and not to be a vet. Here is my story and how I decided upon accounting as my career of choice.

As a woman, I was always told that I was predisposed to being bad at math. This may be why I always tried harder at math because it did not want to be pigeon holed as just another woman who cannot count. The better I became at math, the more organized I became. I later discovered that I had a very good attention span. This may be due to repeatedly applying myself or it may just be a nature/nurture thing that I happen to have. Being good at math and having a good attention span are two big factors that make for a very good accountant. The other factor is organization, but I will get to that.

All accountants are boring

It is hard to deny that a lot of accountants are boring people. They do a job that a lot of people would find very boring, and it does rub off on a person. Another thing may also be that a lot of mildly autistic people take up accountancy because of its perfect boundaries, its structure and its repetitive organization. Accountancy is one of the fields where there is a rule for everything, and where grey areas are ones that accountants create as oppose to what they are exposed to. This sort of job is one that appeals to mildly autistic people as they thrive on the structure and rules, and they are also very good at getting a job done from start to finish (no matter how large).

You should also take into account that a lot of people I have met are perceived as boring because they have hobbies and interests that speak to their highly organized mind and methods. They are train spotters and philatelists, which may seem boring to some, but to people who like structure, concentration and organization then it is perfect.

I am organized because I have to be

Maybe I learned my organizational skills on my own, or maybe it was because the people around me were so unorganized when I was a child. If I did not remember to remind my mother to sign a consent form, then I did not go on the school trips. If I did not remind my mother to buy me new blazers, then I went to school in the ones that were too small from last year. That is a nurture argument, or it is true that my grandparents are very organized with their money and their life. The nature argument may be that I inherited a gene that allows the part of the brain that controls organization to flourish a little.


I am organized, I am good at math and I have a great attention span. It has made me a great accountant and is the reason I chose accountancy above all other professions.


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