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It’s all about the headline. It’s about getting your point across in the most direct way you can. These personal statements are very good example of this, in just a few lines I have to get my message of why I want do a degree in Journalism across to my prospective universities...

Public Relations Personal Statement

There are a great deal of media and communication courses available, but a degree in public relations is something I could thrive on. I believe my established communication skills and enthusiasm for dealing with other people would provide a solid foundation for which to further develop those skills incorporated into this course...

Television & Radio Production Personal Statement

This course ignites my interest due to the sheer excitement of creating something which can entertain or educate all ages, and can be preserved due to the multi-platform series which the industry relies on...

Website Design & Development Personal Statement

Over the last four years I have continuously strived to gain and improve my knowledge throughout all aspects of the web. I first studied HTML and CSS through a YouTube channel named thenewboston; the tutorials that were provided helped to give me a foundation which I could later build upon...

The media's the most powerful entity on earth. An interesting quote from Malcolm X, who also claimed, Without education, you're not going anywhere in this world. I wish to combine these two passions and follow my ambition to become a journalist by continuing my studies into Higher Education...

Public relations Personal Statement

Some say that it is the media that shapes the world around us. Others argue that the media merely reflects our society as we make it. Either way, public relations is involved in shaping the opinions that we have on the personalities that the media presents us with through reputation...

Media Studies Personal Statement

Me as a student “Television programs seldom target their audience to teenagers in mainland China and Hong Kong.” when I was taking the Television Production course I thought, “Most of the time we watch Hollywood movies, Japanese animation and Korean soap opera through the internet, but we don’t have a platform to communicate and exchange ideas among us...

Television & Radio Production Personal Statement

I love television, especially British television! I grew up watching the original Doctor Who, Monty Python, Benny Hill, and many others. That love of Britain obtained through her television continues to this day, careening from dramas such as the new Doctor Who and Downton Abbey, to the comedy of Miranda Hart and Graham Norton...

I have for as long as I can remember had a fascination with people and different cultures which has manifested itself in the areas of work I have chosen during my time in travel, a national advertising company and at a filming company...

Film Studies Personal Statement

Since I am a relatively young person living in a media orientated part of the world, film and television have been and continue to be hugely influential in just about every area of my life. For example growing up, my sense of humour was shaped by Jim Carey movies and joey from 'friends', I was unable to sleep properly between the ages of 9 and 14 because of those awful teen horror films that were popular back then and probably the biggest influence film has had on me was when I was around 16 years old I began acting out a lot of my life instead of being present and actually living in the moment...

The media is central to the experience of modern life. It builds and connects cultures and communities locally, nationally and globally and shapes our views of the world, our identities and our fantasies...

Before my fascination for the media world developed I like everyone else was subconsciously a part of it. The news that was on TV, the magazines that I read and the commercials that urged me to buy the products I bought...

Journalism Personal Statement

The amplification of the inexplicable joy as I finished producing my first piece was too palpable to ignore. It perpetually hung in the surrounding air as waves of electrifying impetus to the growth of the infantile writer residing in every fibre that constitutes my body and whom I gradually nourished with a lucid thought-process and dexterity at juxtaposition of words...

Film Personal Statement

Without film, my ideas will come to nothing. Nothing is not enough. I want to aim to be the best. My choice of a degree in Film and television is to enhance my technological skills, to learn at the highest level, to exercise my creativity...

Journalism Personal Statement defines a journalist as 'a person who writes for newspapers and magazines or prepares news or features to be broadcast on radio or television'. This to me is a hollow definition, being a journalist is much more than just writing for a newspaper or magazine...

Journalism and PR Personal Statement

Today journalism is such a persuasive factor in opinion building that no person, group or business can claim immunity or afford to under-estimate the ability of the fourth estate to affect their fortunes, either for better or for worse (Gigi Van Der Reit 1998) What has always intrigued me is how the media and PR industry manage to influence the way people think...

Music Video and Short Film Production Personal Statement

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up" Pablo Picasso 1881-1973 I often get confused, angry, happy, sad, amazed, overwhelmed, shocked, lost for words, goose bumps and even the hairs on the back of my neck stand up from time to time! These are just some of the emotions and feelings I have experienced because of Film, Music and Art!!! Not just a passion for me but a way of life, why anybody wouldn't want to work in this amazing world confuses me...

I believe that my greatest strength is my vivid imagination. From a young age I have been fortunate enough to be able to create new worlds and characters for stories. .I have been inspired by Jasper Fforde's style of wit and wordplay in the “Literary Detective” and “Nursery Crime” series of books...

Film & Cinematography/Media Personal Statement

I want to direct films. Directors have complete control over what is projected on the screen and, with this ability; they can hold the audience's attention. I want to be able to use my imagination to do just that...

Animation Personal Statement

Animation has amazed me ever since I was a young boy and I always remember watching Batman: The Animated Series every Saturday morning without fail and I think it was this cartoon that made me a massive fan of Animation in general...

Film and Media Personal Statement

I discovered my interest in Film and Media when I fist had Media as a subject: that one lesson weekly made me feel I was studying something that has a direct impact on my life. It was somewhat like discovering little secrets of both the media industry and filmmaking, which most people in this media-orientated world do not even realise...

The media's writing style today is owed to the 'New Journalists' of the 1960's and 1970's who transformed the approach towards Journalism. I am making this application as I am fascinated by the vast scope which is covered by the subject and how in today's society the media plays a major role in every subject imaginable and affects everybody's life in some way...

Film And TV Production Personal Statement

The choice of course I am choosing is Film and TV Production, I want to take this course because I find the behind the scenes of films and TV are amazing as I found this out when filming a short film and also filming for Waterloo Road...

Sound Design Personal Statement

I was musical since childhood but honestly, music was not something quite satisfactory for me. Every time I played another piece I was asking myself 'Is it what I want?'. I felt myself following rules made by others, and when I heard about sound design, it seemed as a freedom to create my own soundscapes...

Web Design Personal Statement

College - I am currently studying a part time IT & business access course at Middlesbrough College which involves computing, mathematics, programming and web design. Out of all of the modules I am studying I most enjoy web design, as I really enjoy the tasks involved in creating a website, from the layout, colour scheme to designing the graphics for the website, and the programmes used, such as Dreamweaver and Photoshop, but would like to gain a greater understanding of web design at a higher level...

Media Studies Personal Statement

When I was nine years old, I would secretly read a Lord of the Rings book after bedtime with a flashlight with all the enthusiasm of, well, a child. Nobody was more excited than I when we went to watch the film adaptation, and, needless to say, I was mesmerized - not only by the effects, but also by the design of its posters, websites and trailers that all did justice to the film...

Film Personal Statement

Film is a vehicle to express one’s ideologies, philosophies, and politics. It can evoke emotion, thought and fear. Film is a way for an artist to channel their internal need to communicate a message or try to collapse ever-shifting boundaries within the industry...

Journalism Personal Statement

'Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after another.' Walter Elliott This epitomises my outlook on life. As a person I'm competitive, even more so when there is an end goal, and career wise for me, that goal is to educate nations on the development of the world...

Theatre Sound Personal Statement

From the moment that I saw my first West End show, I knew my ambition was to have a career in the theatre. Originally, I wanted to pursue a performance path, however during the Sixth Form I have developed a greater interest into what occurs backstage and the process that the production has undergone...

PR, Media and Communications Personal Statement

Over the last few years my interest in public relations, media, journalism and business, in general, has developed. I enjoy reading newspapers, magazines and music literature such as NME. I also enjoy listening to the radio with my favourite station being BBC Radio 1 due to the variety of different programmes available...

Media & Politics Personal Statement

Like thousands of other children, I held my father's hand whilst he voted in the general election. He always stressed the importance of voting and how it cost people their lives for us to have this political freedom today...

Media & Communication Personal Statement

Throughout my volunteering experience in the heart of Kampala, Uganda, I dedicated my time teaching young, deprived and uneducated children as well as supporting the local community. It was then that I realised these third world social challenges were not being effectively expressed by the media...

Media Studies Personal Statement

It’s 2016; letters, newspapers and five television channels are a distant memory, overshadowed by a multi-media world dominated by fingertip technology. Society has welcomed this digital world with open arms and we have embraced it into our daily lives: cameras film our every move, projecting our wildest fantasies alongside our darkest truths to the global community...

Interactive Media Personal Statement

Having grown up surrounded by emerging technology and new media platforms appearing every few years, it is fair to say that, like many others from my generation, I have been subconsciously part of the media world...

Media Communication Personal Statement

Who will pay for the brutal effects of cultural and political hegemony that caused our society to stop being critical about the content we consume? Is it really the freedom of speech, in which anonymous Wikipedia editors control and reverse articles on behalf of special corporative interests? How is it possible that the celebrity phenomena still remains present whilst mainstream media is being taken over by a gray cloud of mediocrity? Am I losing my eyesight or is it just media driving my attention away from the crack in the mirror and showing me the "real me" through a Snapchat filter? Is it too late to inflict changes within our prosumer society? I genuinely think it is not and I'm willing to fully commit myself to studying these mechanisms of media and communications in the name of a better tomorrow...

Master of International Media and Communication

I think the exhilaration of delivering an impromptu speech is what makes me fall in love with debate. The pressure to convince the whole room filled with adjudicators and the peace I felt when walking to the podium were something I look forward to...

Find College Courses and Degrees

This programme will equip you with a specialist education in media studies that will firstly enable you to build an impressive portfolio of skills in media production, and secondly help to launch your career in this field. It examines the ‘mass media’, which in the past used to only mean newspapers, films, TV and radio, but now also incorporates the Internet and digital broadcasting as well. You will be studying the media in an academic way, looking at its history, how it influences people and society, and the different methods of interpreting it.

The skills acquired on this course, together with the communications and IT training provided will give graduates opportunities to consider careers in areas such as; Radio and TV Production, Journalism, Teaching, Publishing, New media and Corporate Production.

Apart from preparing you for a range of communication professions, it will also teach you about the changing role of media and journalism within society and its relationship to consumer culture, democracy, and everyday life in a globalised world. You will explore the media as a source of information, entertainment and identity, by studying the content, rise and power of global media companies.

The degrees courses are flexible enough to allow students to focus on those areas that interest them the most, whether it’s making video news reports, online journalism, designing advertising or public relations campaigns.

Media studies degree course overview

Curriculums are responsive to current issues and developments, meaning you will be introduced to modern theories and techniques in media practice. Students will also have considerable intellectual freedom and choice when choosing their modules, with specialist options built into programmes to enable a greater degree of personal exploration. These choices will become even broader as your studies develop. Many media studies degree courses offer crossovers with other subjects such as communication studies, English and politics, with some universities offering joint honours degrees that combine media studies with other subjects.

Classes are taught in seminars and workshops, with students taking part in research activities and a range of projects that can include film production, animation, online enquiry-based learning, virtual world studies and web design.

Assessment is typically done by a mixture of practical coursework, essays and presentations. Depending on the course, you can be assessed via essays, video documentaries, television scripts or even group presentations. Overall, these assessments will have been developed to comprehensively test your skills, knowledge and talent in this subject.

Typical course modules and areas of study on a media studies degree 

  • Introduction to Media Studies
  • Visual Culture and Design
  • The Media Business
  • Professional Writing
  • Digital Media Platforms and Practices
  • Advertising Communication
  • Media Theory and Practice
  • Electronic Media
  • Media Law
  • Media Production Project
  • Introduction to Media Law
  • Media Production
  • Broadcast Journalism
  • Public Relations
  • New Media and Culture
  • Media Literacy
  • Media Psychology
  • Critical Feature Writing and Editing
  • Interactive Technologies
  • Gaming
  • Popular Culture
  • Introduction to Film Studies
  • Television Studies
  • Culture, Media and Identity
  • Web journalism
  • Crime and the Media

Students will learn about

  • Digital production technologies
  • Mobile media
  • Media production
  • Online communication
  • Mass communication
  • Mass influence
  • News gathering and distribution
  • Brand campaigns
  • Celebrity culture
  • Video production
  • Students will learn how to
  • Film an interview.
  • Record dialogue.
  • Write for different audiences.
  • Put together a written feature.
  • Use new and social media.
  • Build up a following using blogs and twitter etc.
  • Write features, news stories, reviews and editorials.


Media studies personal statement

Below is a media studies personal statement written by one of our writers. You can use this example to gain an idea of how to structure and put together your own one. You are strongly advised not to copy or plagiarise it, instead use it as a resource to inspire your own creative writing.

Media studies personal statement example 

"There is a revolution in media which has been sweeping the advanced countries of the world in highly significant ways. To me it’s a really exciting time that I want to be involved in, and through this statement I wish to show my personal drive, commitment and suitability to study this subject at a high academic level.

I believe it is an incredibly exciting and empowering subject where there will always be something new to learn. I’m attracted by its dynamic environment in which new ideas, technologies and techniques are being developed all the time. As a hand’s on person who has a creative streak and good judgement, I am driven to work in an industry where I will be able to come up with my very own ideas and then be involved in developing, nurturing and executing them. For me personally there is a lot of satisfaction to be gained from challenging yourself and then achieving.

Another reason that I want to study this subject is that finding a job in the media industry is tough and competitive. To me this is my first real step towards a career in the communication and media industries. By having a degree qualification that has educated you about the latest technological and cultural advances in the media world, you can have a edge over others and really stand out.  

As a flexible, creative and independent individual, I have superb interpersonal skills that allow me to communicate effectively in written, oral and visual forms. All of these are personal traits which are essential to study and also have a career in this fast moving sector.

At college I studied Media Studies at A level, and am pleased to say that I passed with high grades. College taught me how to think in an all-encompassing way, and gave me the mental resources to do what I do well by thinking progressively.

I understand that to get a job in the media, you need to have practical experience just as much as a qualification. This is why I have put a lot of effort into doing plenty of relevant extracurricular activities and trying to gain as much work experience as possible. To this effect I recently took a temporary job as a Media Assistant with a publishing company. I was involved in media planning and buying, as well as using social media to publicise the company and build its brand. Other duties included researching and developing ways to improve target audience engagement and expand product knowledge through social media platforms. 

Right now my ambition is work in media and to this end I have chosen your highly regarded institution to achieve my goal. All my work experience and academic achievements to date now make me feel fully prepared to start degree program. I believe that I can easily fit into your course as I already possess substantial knowledge of the subject, am able to handle an intensive amount of coursework and can manage my study time effectively.

I have chosen to study at your university because you have a growing reputation in media studies, and I believe that I can benefit from the contacts that you have developed in all areas of journalism and media. I feel your institution has the right mixture of academic professionalism, welcoming atmosphere and vibrant social scene that can help me to grow professionally and emotionally. I would be very grateful indeed if you would consider my application to enrol on your media studies degree course, as I feel that I have the required ambition, personal commitment, knowledge and experience that are needed to be a successful student at your institution."

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