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I’m all about encouraging my students and their families to continue to work on their speech and language skills over the summer.  I definitely recognize that some of them aren’t interested and won’t even take a peek before tossing it away…but I still feel the urge.  I still feel like it’s my responsibility to provide it, just in case.

Throughout the year I send home pages from my Weekly Homework packet, so I wanted something similar for the summer…and now it’s here!

The packet includes 10 themes, which are aimed to be used once a week…so your whole summer break is covered.  As you saw above packet includes pages for both articulation and language, and you can customize for each of your students and what they need.  And you can copy double sided to save paper…10 pages to include both speech and language, or 5 for one or the other!

You can find this packet in my TPT store!

Do you send home summer homework?  I’d love to hear why or why not!


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Product Description

**Updated 05/31/2016: Now the calendars can be used for ANY year!**

Don't let your students' articulation skills slip over the summer break! These calendars contain 12 weeks of free, fun, and quick activities that your students can complete with their parents to work on improving their communication skills during their time off from school.

Instead of activities for parents to have to do every single day, each calendar contains 20 activities that parents can complete as their schedule permits. They can choose to do something daily, or do a few activities on the same day. They can even have weekends off if they want! Activities are brief, and can be completed in 20 minutes or less.

This packet includes:

pg. 1: Cover Page and Credits
pg. 2: Parent Letter
pg. 3: Online Resources
pg. 4: List of Favorite iPad/Smartphone apps
pg. 5-7: Colorful calendars (weeks 1-4; 5-8; and 9-12)
pg. 8-10: Black and white calendars (weeks 1-4; 5-8; and 9-12)
pg. 11-12: Credits and Additional Information

Activity Examples:
*I Spy! Find 10 foods with your sound and say them 3 times each.
*Arts and Crafts! Cut out letters from magazines to create words that have your sounds. Say them 3 times each.
*Play Time! Draw pictures with your sounds on the sidewalk and then toss water balloons onto them before you say the words.
*Book Worm! Read and book and listen for your sounds, then say the word 4 times.
*Speak Up! Talk about somewhere you would like to visit. Be sure to use your good sounds.
*Action! Use your good speech sounds while you talk about your day.
...and MORE!

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Be sure to download the Language Calendars! Free Summer Language Calendars

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