Edld 5397 Week 5 Assignments

The FIcontent initiative has been developing in the context of the Future Internet Public Private Partnership (FI-PPP) programme supported by the European Commission.

Our core activity is to deliver a common technical platform that application providers can use to build, host and operate content applications for their end users. It offers interested developers and SMEs runtime containers and a catalogue of homogeneous APIs to use:

 Server-side enablers;

 Services developed for Social connected TV, Smart city services and Pervasive game platform applications, which can be combined to deliver new cross-domain applications;

 Tools and services to simplify the process of building, deploying, monitoring and managing content-related applications on top of Cloud infrastructures and Content Delivery Networks so that the appropriate Quality of Service is met.

Two successive sets of real-world experimentation of the platform for each of the three targeted application areas (Social connected TV, Smart city services and Pervasive games) will be conducted in 6 European locations: Brittany (France), Berlin, Cologne, Barcelona, Zurich and Lancaster, with the support of local public authorities. The size of each test will range from 20 to 1 000 users (user panels, households).

The overall objective of the initiative is to allow the largest community of European developers, SMEs, web entrepreneurs, etc. to access and use these platforms. Interested stakeholders are invited to subscribe to our newsletter, join our community on Facebook and LinkedIn and follow us on Twitter in order to be kept informed of latest developments, to interact with us and the rest of the community, to know when and where to meet us, and to understand how to receive a funding to get fully involved in the initiative.

Three opportunities to get funded have been offered so far:

 The “Open Call” of the FIcontent initiative (available budget: 1,35  million € – deadline: early 2014) has selected developers and SMEs to be included into the present FIcontent partnership and be involved in developments and experimentation planned in 2014,

 A Call for proposal of the European Commission (deadline: end of 2013), to cover Phase 3 of the FI-PPP programme through which an even greater number of developers and SMEs will be involved in 2014 and beyond.

 Various competitions (hackathons, app challenges…) launched by the FIcontent initiative will award the best ideas and apps developed on top of the three open platforms

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